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It's an original project developed by Noma Experience Studio.

Made in Me Project www.madeinmeproject.co
"Made in Me = created by myself" - As indicated by the name, we aim to create products through which you can develop
your individuality and learn to express yourself. The particularity of our Made in Me products is that they can be fully
customized by users. We aim to create products that will give you an opportunity to explore and articulate various interests.
A Transparent Bag 360°, born out of the first phase, can be freely individualized for your own way. At the exhibition our
Transparent Bags will be displayed along with the photos of different persons from all around the world bringing their
individualized Transparent Bag.

目Me Project www.meproject.co - coming soon -
It's a project which name means "my eyes". It's an activities aimed at individual viewpoints and
feelings. Various kinds of activities like installation arts, exhibitions and so on will be
organized. This symbol "目" represents "eyes" in Japanese language, and is
pronounced "me". The combination of the meaning of Japanese "目" (eyes)
and the meaning of "Me" in English creates
the meaning of "My eyes".
Noma experience studio